Long John Logo is a simple man.

Some say he is a myth.

Now, down to business.

Are you thinking — Why would I hire you to design a $50 logo for me?

Answer: Because you need a good cheap logo — and don’t want to spend a few hundred or a few thousand hiring a logo designer for your personal project, side hustle business or minimal viable product idea to launch.

  • or you don’t want to have to deal with any emails, decisions or options and you can simple say “1 Logo Design Please!”, swipe your credit card and a few days later a pretty decent typeface logo design and set of corresponding files shows up in your email inbox.
  • or a logo isn’t helpful to your bottom line and you simply need a logo to put on invoices or business cards just look like a professional legit operation and not some two bit’ fly by night — group of hee-haws trying to make a quick buck.

☞ Hire me to design your next cheap, good enough logo design.

Why I Love Clean Simple Logo Design

It wasn’t always like this.

My love of single color, typeface only logo design began over a decade ago when I was a young dumb ‘entrepreneur’ designing my own logos and brands because I could afford a graphic designer.

I added all the effects in Photoshop. You name it; drop shadows, edge brightness, colorful gradients, literally everything Photoshop had to offer. After all — I needed this to POP!

But then,

We needed to make a sign, print some logo promotion pens pens and a local charity needed a ‘single color logo vector .pdf’ for an event poster that we were sponsoring.

We didn’t have any of these things.

My logo design was hard to reproduce for printing productions on a number of mediums.

Basically it created a never ending stream of bullshit because I didn’t know what I need to design a good, useful and readable logo design.

Now after a decade of nominal success, designing logos and brands for myself and clients — you too can get on this logo design super train for the NEW, low, one time price of $50.

The Long John Logo Design Philosophy

1. SIngle Color Logo Design

  • A simple logo in black / white is timeless. It won’t look dated if you actually stay in business and choose not to update your Long John Logo $50 Special!
  • Black and white logos are extremely readable. Again simplicity and high contrast colors making our lives easier. And think of all the old people like me — with the poor sight. It’s really just being considerate.
  • Single color logo designs are very reproducible and versatile. This gives your brand a consistent look when you print and use your logo in different mediums. Examples being; laser cutting a sign from wood or acrylic, screen printing a shirt or pen, and many other commercial printing applications. In some cases you will be able to simplify your life and save money (ie; yellow page ads, printer toner).

2. Typeface Logo Design

Typeface only logo designs are a wonderful blend of form and function. A

‘Typeface only design’ still allow for countless unique layouts and designs by only adjusting a few design variables.

3. Good Enough Design

It’s about just getting started.

It’s about knowing you can change and redesign your brand.

It’s about just getting out there in front of potential customers and proving an idea.

This is for people who DO, who LAUNCH, who pick up the phone and MAKE A SALE!

Your logo from Long John Logo will be:

  • a strong simple design
  • easy to read
  • professional looking

Good Cheap Simple Logo Design – $50

Order My Logo Design

No bullshit upsell checkout process! GUARANTEED.