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Imagine a mechanic telling you he’s going to rebuild your car’s motor—but when you return, he presents you with a different car. You wouldn’t be very happy that he got rid of your car, rather than fixing the problem.

Yet many designers put their clients in exactly this scenario. When asked to redesign a logo, they totally scrap the old design and come up with something different. But in reality, they should find the original logo’s good qualities and improve them during the redesign.

Just as many traits can make a logo “work,” there are numerous ways to play up those good features in the redesign. To help you learn the ins and outs of this nuanced task, the team at Company Folders has rounded up the 7 most effective ways to redesign a logo.

#1: Isolate the old logo’s best qualities

Study the old design and ask yourself, “Which parts best convey the brand’s message? Which parts do customers prefer?” Play up these positive traits in the updated logo.

#2: Look to the brand’s past

If you’re lucky, you may have access to past revisions of the logo. Take the time to look through these—you could find a great idea that got glossed over the first time around.

#3: Strive for simplicity

Sometimes, redesigns are about cleaning up what’s already there. Look for ways to streamline the logo’s shape or fonts to create a clearer brand message.

#4: Focus on the most important colors

Too many colors can overwhelm the viewer and hinder the brand’s message, so your redesign might simply involve streamlining the logo’s color palette.

#5: Maximize readability

If a logo’s font gets too complicated, it can keep the audience from actually reading the design. Try to find a font that portrays the brand’s personality but is still readable.

#6: Combine new trends and classic traditions

It’s important to respect any part of the logo that’s traditionally associated with the brand. But you can (and should) talk to your client about ways to update these traditional elements with a modern look.

#7: Add hidden meanings

Negative space is a designer’s best friend. Use it to create multiple meanings that encourage customers to spend more time interacting with the design—without complicating the logo.


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