Law of the Land in Long John Logo Country

When you place your order on you agree:

  • No Opinions. No Revisions. No Feedback.

You agree to pay for and receive one good enough logo design which includes; positively no edits, no revisions, no feedback or no micro analysis on your part.

One ok logo design It good enough for you needs.

  • Typeface only Logo Design

Typeface only logo designs are a wonderful blend of form and function.

‘Typeface only design’ still allow for countless unique layouts and designs by only adjusting a few design variables.

Black Version / White Version – No Color

A simple logo in black / white is timeless.

Black and white logos are extremely readable.

Single color logo designs are very reproducible and versatile.

Good thing I only do logos in black and white because that is what you will be getting.

  • No Returns

You asked me to do work. You paid me.

I did the work. You got the digital files.

That is as a successful transaction.

Weather you like or use the logo design is your choice.

Nor refunds. All sales final.

  • Deliverability Time

Logos will be delivered within 1- 3 business days via email.

Or in the exception of spring floods, summer tornados, fall ice storms, winter blizzards or the occasional badger under the front porch. There could be slight a delay.

  • Your Digital Logo Files Download will Include:

  • Vector .PDF
  • Vector .EPS  
  • .PNG with transparent backgrounds

Individual logo files will be provided for both black and white logo versions. Immediately available for your use upon download.

  • No Meetings, Emails or Phone Calls

This saves us both time and money.

You’re welcome

But seriously I if something something is awry you can get in contact with me here.

  • Usage Rights & Ownership Rights

I ain’t no lawyer.

But you ought to be able to:

Use your logo design and associated files freely for you business or personal needs for as long as you need to.

You can’t resell the work. 

*Will be getting a lawyer to right the correct terminology here.

Good Cheap Simple Logo Design – $50

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No bullshit upsell checkout process! GUARANTEED.